Every alternate year, IABMAS organizes a global conference at varying venues worldwide. The event draws academics, experts from diverse facets of bridge engineering, engineers affiliated with transportation agencies, consulting firms, contractors, and municipal bodies keen on topics like bridge upkeep, safety, and administration.

The conference’s objective is to explore the latest advancements in bridge care, safety, and governance, along with associated subjects. It aims to encourage research in this area with the goal of narrowing the divide between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

The conference has been/will be held in the following locations:

    • 2002 Barcelona, Spain
    • 2004 Kyoto, Japan
    • 2006 Porto, Portugal
    • 2008 Seoul, Korea
    • 2010 Philadelphia, USA
    • 2012 Stresa, Italy
    • 2014 Shanghai, China
    • 2016 Iguassu Falls, Brazil
    • 2018 Melbourne, Australia
    • 2020¬†Sapparo¬†Japan
    • 2022 Barcelona, Spain
    • 2024 Copenhagen, Denmark